World Summit Of Prosecutors General, Attorneys General
and Chief Prosecutors

The Prosecutor General - pillar of the contemporary criminal justice system

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Third edition, Bucharest, Romania, March 23-25, 2009


We hope you will join your colleagues from around the world in Bucharest, Romania, for a World Summit of Prosecutors General, Attorneys General and Chief Prosecutors. This is the third such Summit, providing yet another opportunity for the heads of prosecutorial services to come together and exchange views on a variety of common issues relating to contemporary criminal justice, and to build on the work of the prior two Summits.


The first World Summit of Prosecutors General (a title used here generically to refer to the heads of prosecutorial services) hosted in 2004 by Guatemala, was the first high level international meeting of this kind. Participants from 75 UN member states shared views on issues such as access to justice, countering impunity and obstruction to justice, fighting drug trafficking, terrorism, transnational organized crime and corruption. The Guatemala Summit concluded that that direct cooperation among prosecutor’s offices is crucial for a timely exchange of information, extradition, mutual legal assistance proceedings and similar issues.


The second Summit of Prosecutors General took place in Qatar, in November 2005. Its general theme was - The challenges of the 21st century prosecutor – and addressed the following issues: cyber crime, the prosecutor’s role in promoting and strengthening the rule of law and measures and mechanisms to strengthen the international cooperation among the prosecution services as well as the necessity to observe the relevant UN Conventions, rule of law and sustainable development principles. 


During the event held in Qatar, the participants unanimously adopted the proposal that the Third Summit of Prosecutors General be hosted by Romania. This decision was later endorsed by the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice through Resolution 16/5 - April 2007.


Romania is firmly committed to support and promote international cooperation in the areas of crime prevention and criminal justice. The Romanian General Prosecutor’s Office considers that the prosecutorial service is one of the main pillars of the criminal justice system and strongly believes that international cooperation is the most relevant tool for achieving common international standards in this field.


Romania also recognizes that the World Summit of Prosecutors General must clearly project its distinct personality and specific added value over the ever more crowded criminal justice international landscape. In this regard, Resolution CCPCJ encourages the Third Summit, organized under the auspices of the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime Prevention, to use its conclusions and recommendations as substantive contribution to the Conferences of the Parties to the United Nations Conventions against Transnational Organized Crime and against Corruption.


The Summit will last for two full days - Tuesday, the 24th, and Wednesday, the 25th, March 2009.  Under the title “The General Prosecutor - pillar of the contemporary criminal justice system”, issues such as the Prosecutor General’s role in strengthening public confidence in the criminal justice system, prosecutors’ investigative independence and effective management of crime trends challenges will be analyzed and solutions to serve criminal justice in the most effective manner should be identified through the joint efforts of all participants. The Summit will also provide an opportunity for Prosecutors General to address the Plenum on issues of specific interest or concern which are not covered by the topics in the agenda.   


We do hope that you will take the time and the effort to mark the World Summit of Prosecutors General to be held in Bucharest with your highly esteemed presence.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Romania.

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